Extracting Data from Email to Spreadsheet: Enhancing Your Business Productivity

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Have you ever received a bulk of emails containing crucial data that needs to be updated on your spreadsheet? Manually transferring data from emails to spreadsheets can be a time-consuming and tedious task. As per a report by McKinsey, an average employee spends around 28% of their workweek in responding to emails. With the amount of important data that circulates through emails, this percentage includes time spent manually transferring data. This is where Extract Data From Email to Spreadsheet Add-ons come in handy.

Google Sheets has taken the productivity game up a notch by introducing 50+ add-ons that can supercharge your spreadsheets. One of these productivity-boosting add-ons is “Extract Data From Email to Spreadsheet.” Even with a simple Google search, you can come across several options to automatically transfer data from emails to spreadsheets.

How does the “Extract Data From Email to Spreadsheet” add-on work?

The “Extract Data From Email to Spreadsheet” add-on makes use of Google Apps Script to automate the process of data transfer. Google Apps Script is a programming language developed by Google that enables businesses to automate tasks and extend the functions of Google Apps like Google Sheets.

Once you’ve installed the add-on, it will prompt you to give permissions to access your email. Depending on the email service provider, your email service might ask for your consent as well. You can choose to mark specific emails or entire threads, as well as select the data points that you want to extract from the emails.

What are the features of “Extract Data From Email to Spreadsheet”?

1. Multi-account support: The add-on allows you to connect multiple email accounts, making it easier for teams to collaborate on the same spreadsheet.

2. Automated scheduling: You can set the add-on to extract data at specific intervals. This feature can save you time and ensure that your spreadsheet is always up-to-date.

3. Customizable data points: You can choose to extract specific data points from your emails. This feature makes it easy to extract only essential data rather than having to go through long and irrelevant emails.

4. Automatic updates: The add-on automatically updates the spreadsheet when a new email with selected data is received.

Why should businesses use “Extract Data From Email to Spreadsheet”?

1. Time-saving: The add-on automates the task of data extraction and transfer, saving employees the time spent responding to emails.

2. Increased accuracy: The automation reduces the chances of human error, making the process more accurate and reliable.

3. Enhanced productivity: The saved time can be utilized by employees to focus on strategic tasks that require more attention.

4. Cost-effective: The add-on saves businesses money in terms of reducing the number of hours required and increasing productivity.


“Extract Data From Email to Spreadsheet” add-on presents a great case for businesses looking to streamline their internal processes by automating data transfer from emails to spreadsheets. This add-on is not only easy to use but also cost-effective, saves time, and increases accuracy and productivity.

As the world is fast-moving towards automation and reducing manual labor, every business can explore the different options provided by Google Sheets add-ons, including “Extract Data From Email to Spreadsheet,” to enhance their productivity and reduce operational costs.

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